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What is the Panorado applet?

The Panorado Java applet enables you to design websites with interactive panoramic pictures or other kinds of large pictures.

What's different from Panorado JS?

The Panorado Applet is the predecessor of Panorado JS from pre-HTML5 times. Its visual appearance is very similar, and its programming options are functionally equivalent.

Meanwhile, we recommend to use Panorado JS within websites.

The applet can still be used on websites, but it requires that Java is installed on the client's computer (see below).

The Applet's internal viewer class can also be embedded into stand-alone Java applications as a Java class module.

Which system environment is required?

For displaying HTML pages you certainly need a web browser. All popular browsers support Java applets. The Panorado applet requires Java. Version 1.4 or newer is recommended. If required, a current Java version can be downloaded from the Sun Microsystems website.

Java is platform-independent. It runs on MS-Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.

Java applets are executed within a safe, isolated environment which doesn't allow any write access to the local file system.

You want to try the applet?

You have to perform these steps:

  • Take pictures. You can use an ordinary digital camera, if you take care of some details. Click here for more.
  • Assemble single pictures to form a panoramic picture ("Stitching").
    There is special stitching software; see the details in the background article. You'll find short descriptions of stitching tools and links to manufacturers on the Links page.
    Download the Panorado applet.
    Simply click here and save the little Java archive (Panorado.jar) to your destination folder. You don't have to unzip the file.
  • Write and test the HTML frame. On the Tech page you'll find two HTML code examples from which you can copy-and-paste to your own HTML page.
    With some HTML knowledge in mind you can certaily modify and extend the code according to your needs.
  • Upload all components.
    Copy the HTML document, the image file, and the Panorado applet to your web server, test again. Your're done now!

You want a panorama on your private website?

The use of this applet is free on private (non-profit) websites!
Please place the Panorado logo or a text link next to it, referring to our website. You are encouraged to copy-and-paste one of these code snippets:

<a href="" target="_blank">Panorado image viewers...</a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" title="Panorado image viewers..." style="border:none"></a>

Download product logo

You are considering a commercial application?

You have some special requirements? Questions? You need development support?
Are you planning to use a panorama viewer applet as a part of a complex web server application (like a content management system)?
Please don't hesitate to contact us!

The use of the Panorado viewer applet is free on private non-profit websites.
The use on all other kinds of websites or publications requires a license agreement as soon as the pages containing the applet are published. This applies for example to corporations, shops, advertising, enterprises, organisations, schools, universities. We summarize this as "commercial".

Please contact us if you are interested in a special agreement for a non-profit organisation.

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